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Hey friend! Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for the comment, it means a lot :) 


As a non-binary teenager it brings me and odd sense of joy for a game like this to be out there. It's not overly positive but that's the point and I'm appreciative of that. It's a topic rarely, if ever, discussed and it's something that quite a few individuals go through in their day to day lives. So thank you for making this game.

Hey kid. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such an amazing review. Sometimes creating feels like shouting into the void... and sometimes you realise that the void is actually populated with people trying to shout back too. So thank you, for helping me realise we're not alone out here. <3

Every time I experience this, I come back to this game. I feel dysphoric in the women's room, but terrified in the men's room, all the while not fitting into either. We need more nonbinary representation, so thank you so much for this, sincerely. I'm home at the moment and being constantly misgendered, so I came back here to remember I'm not the only one.


Hi there, thank you so much for the comment!

I'll be sure to pass on your words to Nemo who is the main visionary behind this game :).  I hope to continue working with Nemo and create more nonbinary focused games with them so if there is anything you'd like to particularly see (or not), you're very welcome to get in touch with us too. <3

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So im trans, ftm and decided to give this a shot. slightly disappointed when entering the mens restroom when told "this is not your identity" I can't continue playing it knowing I would have to go into the women's restroom. I have really bad dysphoria when it comes to that


Hi, I'm really sorry you felt this way. This game was designed with a non-binary experience in mind. If you enter the female toilets, the same "this is not your identity" message shows up because I feel equally dysphoric in both gendered toilets, and do I wanted to show what that anxiety feels like.  I intended to educate not only cis but binary trans people on why non-gendered toilets are necessary for people like me. 

avoir peur ou être violenté

c'est tellement binaire!...

mais j’adhère a la demarche

bon courage si vous faites d'autre jeux


As a Trans NonBinary 19 year old, I found this to be....painfully accurate. You hit it right on the nail my friends....To be honest it was frightening playing this. None the less, I Thank-you for making a game that simulates this. I know it will help a few others to better understand eachother.

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thank you so much for the comment. Honestly I've been most worried about how other NB people would feel playing the game and, as ever, know that it can be at once terrifying, as well as affirming to realise that your own experiences aren't just your own, but that you belong to a community who suffer through the same things you do. Thank you for playing, and for taking the time to comment. I hope this game finds its way to people who will be better able to understand you, and can help you through the more difficult times. -N


I like the diversity of endings. I think I got all of them, despite I didn't found a "good ending", just some "not entirely bad" ones. I guess this is the message. Good game.

hey! thanks for playing all of the routes - and yeah, the sad truth is that with our current binary system there are no good ends. Glad to hear you liked it.


Interesting little game about an important topic, thank you! :)


Hi Kenneth Plasa,

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our work and the kind comment, friend! :)