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So is it CC0 or maybe CC BY 4.0?

Thanks a lot for such a wonderful pack! I used one of the sounds in my game for the AI Game Jam:

It's really good but a pain to download as you have to download each sound individually. Maybe you can ZIP them into an Archive.

Hello! Can I use this for a game I am making? Thx! owo

Thanks a lot for these! Really great sounds! I used them in my school assignment

Hi, I used this pack in my game and just wondering how I'm supposed to reference things properly?

Hello! Do you mean reference in credit?  You can just write that the SFX was made by me and maybe share the link to this page so that other people can also enjoy the free asset pack. Thank you!

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Super cute sfx, I used it in my jam game :


Thank you!

Amazing bro, btw i use this sfx for my game

Thank you very much

Welcome and thank you!


Hi can i use you tunes on youtube? if I credit you.

Mant thanks

Hi sorry for the late reply - which tunes?? If you're referring to this sfx pack, you can use it.


great classic sounds!!!

Thanks :D

These sound effects are great, thanks for sharing them!
I used them in my submission to LOWREZJAM 2021:

Lovely, and thank you!

I would appreciate a zip download of everything at once. Otherwise this is really cute, great job.

You can download a .zip from my website here: 

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hello! im gonna use your sounds in my game so i will credit you! thanks for making this!

Hello! Thank you so much for using my work, looking forward to playing your game :D

Oh wow, they are actually pretty good, cheers dude


Thank you, friend <3

you have a files on .mp3 files pls i am a shit for convert files -_-

Have you tried something like this?


oooooh nice lot of thank :DDD 

use Audacity, the only one =D

Used this in my new game thanks!

Nice! Thanks :D

Really love your sounds! Can I use this for commercial use or do I have to pay you?

You may use and edit these assets for both non-commercial and commercial games though please consider donating something for my coffee fund and a mention in your credits. 
Have fun and spread the love! :)

Have fun - though as I've mentioned please consider donating something if you can and a mention in the credits. Thanks :D

Thanks for the SFX! I used a few of these in this game:

Ooh thanks! Sorry didn't seem to get this notification. Let me add it to my collection :D

Howdy, great sounds! I entered a game jam and used your sound for jumping. Great work!

Hey thanks and congrats on doing the jam! Will add it to my collection to try and check it out properly later :)

Hi! I meant to post this a minute ago but we used a lot of these sounds in our game: for dialog chirps! They were supposed to be temporary for a long time but we really just loved the tone that they gave! Anyways, thanks for putting them up here and letting folks use them they made a really big difference

(you are in the credits in the pause menu, if you ever get a chance to play)

Oh my goodness, thank you so very much! The monetary donation email was a HUGE and wonderful surprise! 

Would it be okay to do a social media blast of your game?!

Thank you so much again, you've made my day! Have a great one :D


Your sounds really were perfect!

Yeah it would be cool if you posted if ya want to

You have a great one too!

Suck it, Blow it!

Hey there, amazing sounds !

I'd like to use them for my game :

Is that okay with you ?

Of course you'll be credited in the game ;)


Absolutely! Thank you for letting me know. I've added your work into my collection to play later and for others to enjoy.  Yay :D

These tracks are great! I'm planning to use them in my game - I'll make sure to credit you when I do.

Just curious, what software did you use to compose these? I'd like to learn a little composing and this is the exact sound I wanna be able to play around with.


Hello! Glad to hear that these sounds are helpful for you! 

I made random based sounds from and tweaked it from there.  It’s great since you can use whateyyou create for both personal and commercial products :) 


Hi dear , I admire your lovely work. I would like to download these for my game project in school? 


Go for it! If possible, please credit my work and share it with others. Good luck with your school! :)

hello! can I use this awesome sound effects on my youtube? :)

Go for it! If you could, please credit me and link back to my so that others can enjoy my work. Have fun! :)

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Can you upload the sound files as a .zip. It is really hard to download so many files induvidually.



Try downloading these from my gumroad account. They should auto be in a .zip.